About the Body-Talks Programme

Want to learn to love your body and maintain a healthy weight?

Body-talks is an innovative management programme designed by medical professionals that uses scientific knowledge to help you manage and achieve your ideal body weight.

  • Attend our regular friendly group meetings run by medical professionals.
  • Receive our manual that will guide you through our 3 step programme.
  • Get tips and advice from our clinical dietitian and nutritionist.
  • Cooking advice and food demonstrations from our professional chef.
  • Attend group sessions with a qualified personal trainer.

Our approach identifies what your thoughts and triggers are around eating. We teach you how to manage these. You discuss your concerns with our medical professionals on a weekly basis. Learn to love your body and eat healthily with our course designed and run by medical professionals.

Meet the Team

Louise Vicaria, Founder

Hi my name is Louise and I’m the founder of Body-Talks. Like many of you, food and watching what I eat is as much a part of my life as going shopping, going to work and looking after my family. During my studies I based my research on disordered eating and although I was surprised by many of the facts I found, what stood out the most, was the lack of reliable information, guidance and professional support there is available for people to access.

I realised that being told what to eat is only helpful over the short term. Whilst you follow ‘THE RULES’ you will lose weight. At some point, lack of motivation and/or stress gets in the way and ‘KNOWING WHAT TO EAT’ just doesn’t cut it. Does this sound familiar? It’s not just knowing what foods to eat, it’s about being able to manage your thoughts and feelings with respect to food, that will help you overcome this. 

During my research I met Dr Kate Scruby and Anneka Kornhauser and we agreed on many things, in particular, we acknowledged how hard it is for people to get reliable information, receive guidance and learn how to manage their relationship with food. It’s with this in mind, that we began to create and write our programme. We understand how different we all are and how our relationship with food differs from others, what may work for one person, may not necessarily work for another. This is why our sole purpose is to provide you with the knowledge, support and guidance you need to make the necessary changes.

Dr Kate Scruby (Counselling Psychologist)

Kate helped to devise our revolutionary programme based on psychological theories. This is key to changing your approach to eating longterm.

Carrie Luxembourg (Certified Health and Wellness Coach)

Carrie works as a qualified personal trainer with an advanced Diploma in core restore and functional exercise.

Dr Harriet Holme MA MBBS PhD RNutr

Harriet studied medicine at Trinity Hall, University of Cambridge and University College London, before practicing as a paediatric doctor for over a decade. She completed a PhD in cancer genetics from UCL and accreditation for Applied Human Nutrition from The University of Cambridge. Harriet no longer practices as a doctor, but instead provide nutritional consultancy, and lectures on culinary science and nutrition.

Anneka Kornhauser

Anneka specialises in chronic diseases, weight management meal planning and neurological conditions.  Currently works for St Bartholomew’s Hospital as a Cardiac and ITU Dietitian. She is registered with the Health and Care Professionals Council (HCPC) and is a member of The British Dietetic Association.


We are so proud of the results of the Body-Talks programme, but don’t take it from us, hear what our clients say!

Here is what some of them had to say:

“I’ve actually learnt that overeating has very little to do with being hungry, this programme has given me the solid tools I need to manage my overeating habits. I now have a permanent solution.”

Susan, 48, London

I think the support and space of the group has been invaluable. It’s the one hour a week I can voice my struggles, listen to others and somehow it strengthens my resolve to treat myself better. I can now say no, I don’t have to eat everything that is put in front of me.”

Phillipa, London

“I’ve learnt why I eat the wrong things, how to be kinder to myself and how to say no to treats with conviction. It has been fantastic and very positive….I will continue to lose weight”

Alene, London

“My eating habits and approach to food now compared to before I joined your plan, are like night and day!!  For the first time, in I don’t know how long, I know when I am hungry because I don’t spend all day grazing.  I automatically make choices that are better for me and I am enjoying these foods much more than I have ever done before.  The most important change that has taken place with me, is my relationship with food when I am stressed, anxious, and sad (all the negative emotions).  In days gone by I would rely on food (particularly sweet things) to “get me through”   I have stopped using food as a crutch.  I would normally have to eat my way through my emotions.  I am pleased to say that this has not been the case in recent weeks – a complete revelation for me!!

Deborah, London

“Thank you Body-Talks, I have learnt so much, my entire family have lost weight because of this programme”

Tammi, London

“I’ve learnt how to stop eating mindlessly, think before I eat and change my eating habits”

Marylin, 61, London

“I love the very simple food plan and I trust it is medically sound. That said, it’s the emphasis on cognitive change which drives this programmes success”

Sophie, 52, London

“I would like to say that I feel my mind has definitely changed and I choose to eat much healthier foods.  I know that eating perfectly will never be something I do all the time, but now I’m more mindful of my eating.  I’ve stopped a lot of my old habits and I’m actually really seeing a change in me and my weight for the first time.   I’m really enjoying all the groups and hearing others makes me see how I’m much happier now.  I’ve got this far and I want to carry on in this path forever.”

Angela, 33, London

“I hope you and your team receive the accolade you deserve”

Lois, London

“Everyone is so happy, they can see the difference the course is making.  It’s a once in a lifetime chance to get so much for so little”

Diana, London

“I’m over the moon by my shift in reasons for eating. Finally, a unique programme approaching weight loss on an emotional/behavioural level! Good luck Body-Talks”

Sam, 52, London

Results of our Pilot Study

On the 26th April 2018 we began a 3 month pilot study of our programme. The pilot results outweighed even our expectations. The total group loss after 12 weeks was 149lbs (68 kilos). The average loss of all our attendees was 11.6lbs (5.2 kilos). The highest weight loss was 26.2 lbs (11.8 kilos). However, the most drastic change experienced by our members, was that of their feelings and thoughts about themselves, losing weight and their changed relationship with food.

Since completing the programme, members have continued to lose weight including such results as Deborah from London who has now lost a total of 55.1 lbs (25 kilos), Alene who has lost a further 6.6 lbs (3 kilos), Angela another 5.5 lbs (2.5 kilos) and Tammy 11 lbs (5 kilos).


If you are interested in joining one of our classes or have any questions, please contact us below.